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  • How long do I need to stay off my concrete floor coating after it is installed?
    Depending on the flooring system and temperature cure time ranges from 24-48 hours.
  • How do I care for my concrete coatings?
    Our coatings are maintenance free. Cleaning should be as simple as using water and a mop or in a garage use hose and foam rubber squeegee that we provide upon completion. For grease and oil spills, any mild detergent such as simple green, pine sol or dawn dish soap should do the trick!
  • How long will the concrete coating last?
    Concrete coatings should last a lifetime. We often have people comment how their 20+year coating is still performing very well!
  • What can I expect in the installation process?
    Most coating projects take 2-4 days depending on system and size. DCS will come equipped with their own power and equipment. Though the process will make some noise, all prep equipment is hooked to hepa vacs that will contain nearly 100% of the dust.
  • Can I customize my floor coating color?
    DCS has stock colors with unlimited custom colors available upon request for an additional charge.
  • What type of warrenty comes with my floor installation?
    Duluth Coating Solutions, Inc. warrants that any defects in labor and material will be repaired for a period of fifteen (15) years after application, excluding normal wear and tear. This warranty excludes damage or failure of installed flooring from substrate failure, hydro-static pressure, or contaminants in underlying concrete.
  • What do DCS coatings work on?
    DCS coatings work on wood, tile, concrete and more.
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