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The Area Leader in Specialty Flooring

Custom epoxy and resinous coatings have applications in various industries, including commercial and industrial flooring, automotive, aerospace, electronics, and more. Their versatility, durability, and aesthetic possibilities make them popular for various protective and decorative purposes.

Our Services

Fully licensed, bonded & insured for over 25 years.

Maintenance Free Residential Floor Coatings


DCS offers maintenance-free floor coating options for homes, cabins, and garages. Choose from flake, quartz, epoxy tile patterns, metallic, concrete polishing, and more to suit your personal style and needs.


DCS offers customizable flooring solutions with logo placement, line striping, and non-skid surfaces to ensure employee and customer safety. Our coatings work on wood, tile, concrete and more.

Industrial Flooring


DCS provides durable and maintenance-free flooring solutions for industrial facilities. Our custom coatings can incorporate safety features and your company logo.

Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished Concrete

Duluth Coating Solutions specializes in a variety of polished concrete such as cream polish and exposed aggregate. If you have a project in mind, please give us a call so we can discuss the options available.

Metallic Flooring

Metallic Floors

Metallic Flooring Systems offer durable, easy-to-clean, and modern marble-like surfaces with a variety of patterns and colors.

Resinous Shower Coatings

Seamless Shower Solutions

Transform your shower with our resinous coatings to redefine luxury and functionality. Crafted with precision and innovation, our resinous showers offer a seamless blend of style and durability, creating a stunning focal point in any bathroom.

About Duluth Coating Solutions

Areas Worked

MN Headquartered          Services Nationwide

DCS installs resinous systems from large, multi-contractor build-outs to small, one-room residential floors.  DCS transforms old deteriorating surfaces and coats newly constructed floors with decorative, maintenance-free products.

Nationwide Flooring Services
Duluth Coating Solutions Team - Flooring services nationwide

Color Charts

We'll work closely with you to provide a floor coating that matches your needs and fits your lifestyle.

Browse through our stock color charts below:

Color Charts

DCS Flake Colors

Metallic Pigment Colors

DCS  Metallic Pigment Colors

Kitchen Flooring
Industrial Flooring

What Makes Us Different?

Duluth Coating Solutions will uphold its reputation as the nation's leading resinous flooring contractor. We will accomplish this through an unwavering focus on emerging technology, employee excellence, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement. 

Employee Excellence

Employee Excellence

DCS hires the best people and has retained them for many years. We treat them like family, provide training and opportunities that help them achieve their career goals.

Emerging Technology

Emerging Technology

We invest in equipment, processes, and materials that yield the highest quality solutions while providing our customers unmatched value.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

At DCS, we provide our customers with creative solutions for their flooring challenges. DCS ensures ultimate satisfaction upon project completion. Our goal is to make every potential customer a customer for life.

Best Value in specialty coatings and flooring

Continuous Improvement

We focus on continuous improvement in all company areas, which provides our customers with the best value in specialty coatings and  flooring.

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