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DCS pictures 001.jpgYour garage is an extension of your home and if your garage is like many, you enter your home through your garage, tracking in the oil, dirt and grime from the garage floor. If you try to keep your garage floor clean you know just how hard it is to keep it looking good. To start with, the concrete floor keeps creating dust that never stops, and then the road salts and corrosive chemicals from your vehicles damage the surface creating even more problems, leaving it ugly looking and impossible to clean. Our floor systems will change all of that! Our chemical resistant and slip-resistant flooring systems are easy to clean and extremely durable. Duluth Coating’s line of industrial grade epoxies and polymers has a solution for any surface in your home.

Why Coat your Floor?

Coating your garage floor is a beautiful and functional home improvement. A floor coating will eliminate unsightly stains and damage, while also protecting your floor from further damage due to road salts and regular wear. A coated garage floor is also a great way to add livable, functional space onto your home while increasing its curb-appeal.

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