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Residential Coatings
Your home, cabin, or garage should reflect your personal style and not require a lot of upkeep. DCS provides a wide range of customization, maintenance-free floor coating options, including flake, quartz, epoxy tile pattern, reflective, and more.
Industrial Coatings
DCS installs seamless flooring solutions for general-use and decorative projects for almost any type of industrial facility. Facility managers value the durability of our proven products and the ease of mind that comes from maintenance-free coatings. We offer custom coatings for various applications and can incorporate your company logo or a range of safety features into our design.
Commercial/Retail Flooring
To help enhance your brand and meet your business's need, DCS can incorporate logo placement into any customized flooring system. To help keep your employees and customers safe, we can provide line-striping or non-skid surfaces. Our coatings can be applied over various substrates including wood, tile and concrete.
Reflector Floors
REFLECTOR Enhancer Flooring Systems are the latest technology in epoxies and resinous flooring. These marble-like surfaces come in a variety of patterns and colors, have a modern, sophisticated style, are highly durable, and are easy to clean.
School / Education
Duluth Coating Solutions does a variety of projects in schools. We specialize in gym floors, commons areas, cafeterias and bathrooms.